Mount Airy Elks Lodge #2061 Auxiliary


The Elks Auxiliary is now back in action! This long-standing part of the Mount Airy Elks Lodge was inactive for some time but thanks to some concerned and interested members, we are up and running again. We will concentrate on children's events and activities and would love to have your help with our endeavors. If you are an Elk or the spouse/significant other of an Elk, you are eligible to be a member of the Auxiliary. Auxiliary meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in the lounge. To become an Auxiliary member, please attend a meeting.

Auxiliary History

The Auxiliary was formed in 1994 to assist the Elks Lodge in activities and charity fund raisers. There are seven executive officers plus the membership, which has committees to oversee designated projects. Membership is open to Elks members, the spouse / or fiancee of an Elk in good standing, and widows of deceased Elks in good standing at the time of their death. Required age is 21.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Auxiliary may obtain an application from any Auxiliary officer or member, complete it and return it to the lodge.

In the lounge, the Auxiliary maintains a bulletin board that keeps you informed of the most recently completed and upcoming projects. Above the board is our mission statement:

To build strength in the Lodge through the unity of families of lodge members. To further the interest and activities of the Lodge in any way we can. To extend our hands to new families, involve spouses, fiancees, and children in events, and help needy people in the community.

In past years the Auxiliary have donated thousands to charities in our community. In addition to our fundraisers, we have 3 annual children's parties that are free of charge to Elk members and their families.

For more information contact the lodge office at 336-786-2061

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