Mount Airy Elks Lodge #2061


We're glad you stopped by!

Welcome to the Mount Airy Elk's Lodge! We are located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Surry County, NC on Elks Drive just off Andy Griffith Parkway (US 52) in Mount Airy, NC. Stop by and join us for some fun and fellowship!

Elks Care. Elks Share!

Although its a small town lodge, Elkdom is very much alive and well in Mount Airy. Between activities in the Ballroom, catered events in the Dining Room, billiards and ping pong in the Rec Room, fun at the pool, and live entertainment in our spacious lounge, there's always something going on at the Mount Airy Lodge.


2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:00 PM

Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays except July and August when we meet on the 2nd Thursday only. Meetings are held in the ballroom at 7:00 PM.

Elks Creed

Believe in the goodness in thy self, as well as in others.
Protect childhood with tenderness, old age with respect, cherish with reverence the memory of those who have passed.
Observe faithfully the golden rule.
Enjoy the good things of earth, keep within thee the glorious sunshine of youth and remain always of good cheer.

ER Says

Brother and Sister Elks:

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize some people who have been Elk members for many years. Ray White was initiated in August of 1958 and is our only remaining charter member. We also have several more who have 50 or more years of membership: Sam Self (50), Gary Key (51), Denny Shelton (51), Harris Green (53), and Fred Folger (55). These gentlemen are a valuable part of our Lodge's history. They all dedicated countless hours and offered immeasurable dedication to build the very foundation of our organization. It is because of them and others like them that we have the honor and privilege of being an Elk.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Ben Davis is resigning his position as Lecturing Knight. Thank you Ben for the time and effort you have put forth during your tenure as an officer....we wish you the very best! We will be accepting nominations to fill this vacancy at our next meeting on June 9th.

On May 14th, we had our ER Celebration. Following are some of the awards that were presented during this event: Mark Alderman (Distinguished Citizen of the Year), Gary Campanelli (Officer of the Year), and Fern Smith (Elk of the Year). Thank you all for everything you do for me and for the Lodge.

We experienced a setback with opening the pool on May 28th as originally planned. The opening has been rescheduled for Friday, June 3rd. Thanks to all who helped get the pool ready this year. This is a hard job and I appreciate all who stepped up to get the job done.

Our officers are planning a silent auction and gala. The "Elks Blue Collar Auction" will be held on Saturday, July 30th. Mark your calendars to attend this fun event. Details to follow.

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers: Pete Wood and Jack King as they continue to battle illnesses; Patsy Atkins' sister as she battles cancer; Randy Hardin as he battles serious eye issues; Zach Williams' stepmother as she undergoes radiation treatments; Marty Dunbar as he prepares for further knee surgery; and my, Mark and Norman's mother as she battles pneumonia and congestive heart failure in the hospital.

Tommy Marion
Exalted Ruler

An Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken!

Thad Eure Distinguished Service Award

The North Carolina State Elks Association presents it's "Thad Eure Distinguished Service Award" to Mark A. Alderman as an expression of its gratitude and appreciation for his years of loyal, dedicated, and unselfish service in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Order - 7th Day of May, 2016

The highest honor the NC Elks Association can award to a member is the “Thad Eure Distinguished Service Award”. At the May convention, the Board of Trustees awarded this award to Mark Alderman, secretary of the Mt. Airy Lodge. Congratulations Mark!

Dates to Remember

  • June 3 - Pool Opens
  • June 12 - Flag Day Ceremony
  • Notices

    • Be Benevolent and pay your dues, Mount Airy Lodge 2061 and Elkdom needs you. Remember The Elks and all our Charitable work!!!! !!!! Propose a new member or sponsor a reinstatement.
    • We NEED the help of our members to make events happen. If you are interested in helping on a committee, please talk to Tommy Marion!
    • Upcoming event emails are sent as needed. Please submit your email address to receive updates. Send an email to

    Pool Is Open!

    Daily at 11am

    C'mon in! The water's fine!

    26th Annual Poker Run

    Saturday, June 11 9:30 AM, 11 AM

    The Poker Run was a huge success! Thanks to all who came out and rode, took care of registrations and check-ins, donated and organized prizes, helped with the food and cleanup, and otherwise made this event happen!
    Here are some photos from the 2016 Poker Run

    Proceeds to benefit Camp Care Free, Elks Veterans Homes, and other local charities

    Flag Day Ceremony

    Sunday, June 12, 2PM

    Patriotism has characterized the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America since the early days of the organization. Allegiance to the flag of our country is a requirement of every member. In 1907, the Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks designated, by resolution, June 14 as Flag Day. The Grand Lodge of the Order adopted mandatory observance of the occasion by every Lodge in 1911, and that requirement continues. The Elks prompted President Woodrow Wilson to recognize the Order's observance of Flag Day for its patriotic expression. But it was not until 1949 when President Harry Truman, himself a member of the Elks, made the proclamation that thereafter June 14 would be a day of national observance for the symbol of our country. It was through his Elks Lodge in Independence, Missouri, that President Truman got the idea for a national observance of Flag Day.

    Car Races!

    Friday, June 17, 8PM

    Join Melvin T. and the rest of the racing gang in the lounge for an exciting evening of racing games!

    Stagecoach Band

    Saturday, June 25 9PM
    Fender band photo

    Live music at the pool with Stagecoach

    elks lodge

    Mt. Airy Elks Lodge - 2016 Gun Giveaway!

    The 2016 Gun List is here.

    • 01-04-16 #113 Curtis Bruner
    • 01-11-16 #032 Bryan Kidd
    • 01-18-16 #726 Dean Bray III
    • 01-25-16 #094 Tony Bullin
    • 02-01-16 #889 Scottie Wolfe
    • 02-08-16 #379 Joel Kelly
    • 02-15-16 #994 Jeff Kidd
    • 02-22-16 #659 Robert Jackson
    • 02-28-16 #050 David Hutchens
    • 03-07-16 #429 Dennis Dowling
    • 03-14-16 #723 Charlie Hall
    • 03-21-16 #183 Nic Brintle
    • 03-28-16 #430 Mike Creed
    • 04-04-16 #720 Charlie Hall
    • 04-11-16 #425 Dennis Dowling
    • 04-18-16 #289 Kevin Haynes
    • 04-25-16 #175 Luke Golding
    • 05-02-16 #668 Doug Arrington
    • 05-09-16 #457 April Hiatt
    • 05-16-16 #305 Steve Everett
    • 05-23-16 #018 Brent Tilley
    • 05-30-16 #048 B.C. Brickey
    • 06-06-16 #682 Eldridge Pace
    • 06-13-16 #797 Shannon Sutphin
    • 06-20-16 #256 Tommy O'Conner
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      Lounge Hours

      • Monday
      • Tuesday
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Friday
      • Saturday
      • Sunday
      • 4-8 PM
      • 4-8 PM
      • 4-9 PM
      • 4-9 PM
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      • 1PM - 10 PM
      • 1-6 PM

      Upcoming Events

      • Card Night Wednesdays 5pm

      June Events

      • 01 Auxiliary Meeting
      • 03 Pool Opens
      • 07 House Committee Meets 6pm
      • 09 Elk Meeting 7PM
      • 12 Flag Day Ceremony 2PM
      • 17 Car Races 8PM
      • 23 Elk Meeting 7PM
      • 25 Stagecoach Band 9PM

      Officers 2016 - 2017

      • Exalted Ruler
      • Leading Knight
      • Loyal Knight
      • Lecturing Knight
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Tiler
      • Inner Guard
      • Esquire
      • Chaplain
      • Tommy Marion
      • Jacob Cooke
      • Lauren-Maree McPhail
      • -Open-
      • Mark Alderman
      • Alton Smith
      • Don Hoover
      • Will Kennedy
      • Ruth Ann Harold
      • Norman Marion

      House Committee

      • Shannon Sutphin
      • Allan Horton
      • Randy Chamberlain
      • Ben Davis
      • Lauren-Maree McPhail
      • **Chairman
      • Norman Marion
      • Marty Dunbar
      • Tim Richards
      • Jacob Cooke


      • One Year
      • Two Year
      • Three Year
      • Four Year
      • Jim Jackson
      • Lee Inman
      • Freddy Badgett
      • Gary Campanelli